General Purpose Food Grade film
This film is used in the packaging of wide range of food products including confectionery, spices, food grains, dry food, seeds, milk powder, salt, sugar, tea, coffee, animal food etc. This film is made from food grade granules and thus 100% safe for packaging of food products. Food Grade Certificate is also provided with this film.
General Purpose Film For Packaging Of Non-Food
This film is used in packaging of wide range of products like fertilisers, seeds, metal components, automotive parts, welding rods, electronic components, medical devices, chemicals and minerals and many more. This film is often high in strength and have a high-dart value based upon its application.
Peel Off / Easy Peel Film

This film is prepared specially for the packaging of Water glass, fruit jelly, sweets and food plates. This film plays the dual role of make the glass/container leak proof and at the same time it is easy to take off i.e. easy to peel.

High Dart Rice and Aata Packaging Films

This film is used in the production of 5kg, 10kg and 20kg rice and aata packets. This film has the property of high dart value and thus has an outstanding tear and puncture strength. We guarantee 100% drop test success in our rice and aata films.

Black and White Courier Bags
This is a dual color film with White from outside and Black from inside to protect the products from the adverse effect of sunlight during transit. This film is made for the purpose of surface printing and is perfectly suitable for the making of courier bags. This film is also used for the packaging of seeds and fertilizers.
High-Speed Film

This film is specially made for the packaging of products at a very high speed. Our high speed film is perfectly suitable for the making of 4000 pouches per minute. Due to rising labour and other operational costs, most of the manufacturers are shifting towards high speed machines. This poly is well accepted to run on hi-speed machines and thus reduce running costs.

Chemical and Phenyle Packaging Film

This film is highly suitable for the packaging of toxic chemicals and Phenyl. Often this product due to its toxic ingredients lead to the de-limitation of pouch, hence we have developed a unique recipe of film to prevent this problem .

Shrink Film

LDPE Shrink Film is used mainly for combining or bundling multiple units of products for better handling and ease of distribution. Our Shrink Film is mostly used in Beverage industry for handling of water and soft drink bottles.

Bio-Degradable and Compostable Film

Due to the growing concerns about the harmful effects of plastic on the environment, there is growing demand to use bio-degradable films in the packaging of products. Our bio-degradable and decomposing film degrades naturally over a period of time when exposed to sunlight, moisture and oxygen for a lengthy period of time.

Our innovative and environmentally-safe material provides a number of advantages including:

  • The same strength and tensile properties as traditional plastics.

  • No toxic by-products.

  • Does not use heat, light of mechanical stress to break down.

  • Does not require special handling (unlike PLA and oxo-degradable products).

  • Does not contain heavy metals (unlike most oxo-degradable products).

  • Our biodegradable plastic films and bags are designed to biodegrade in a variety of situations including:

  • Home Composting

  • Commercial Composting

  • Landfills

  • Buried in, or in contact with the soil

  • Erosion / Agricultural netting & film

  • Litter

  • However, our bags will not degrade when kept in a warehouse, on store shelves or in your home or office.

Juice and Other Liquid Packaging Film

We have a special grade poly for the packaging of half litre and one litre juice and other liquid products. This poly is products with 80-100% metallocene content and have a very high dart value. This product never fails the drop test at any stage of packaging or transportation. Also, this is specially made for the sealing of products at high temperature. This grade of poly is widely used in the packaging of shampoo, oil, juice, Chocolate, Ghee, Grease, Ketchup and other similar products.

Vaccum Poly

This film is specially made for the packaging of dry fruits and is 100% vacuum proof. This film is usually made in the range of 220-250 microns and is widely used in the exports of almonds, cashews and other dry fruits.

Nitrogen Flush Poly

This film is widely used in the packaging of Namkeens and other snacks which are filled with nitrogen air for high shelf life. Our Nitrogen Flush poly is 100% leak proof and used by well known brands like Haldirams, Bikanerwala and many others.

Retort Poly and Frozen Food Poly

Retort poly and Frozen Food poly is specially made for the packaging of ready to eat products and other frozen products like Peas. This poly is made using high metallocene content and high puncture strength. This film do not breaks up even when kept under low temperature for a long period of time.

Black Films

We have a wide range of black films used in the making of garbage bags and packaging of mehndi and other similar products.

Coloured Films

We have a wide range of colored films including blue, silver, red, orange etc. This film is specially made on order as per the requirement of the client.

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